Chat Support

Real-time text communication to increase contact center productivity and success by having one-to-many correspondences and customer action support.

TMJ provides complete support from chat tool selection, implementation, up to its operations based on your main purpose and application usage.

Features of Chat Support

Chat Function

You can talk to customers through text.

Stamp Function

You can display emojis.

Dialogue History Function

One operator can chat with multiple customers at the same time.

Standard Word Management Function

You can record interactions with customers.

Key Logger Function

The operator can check the document/s being entered by the customer before sending them to the chat. Customers can prepare their documents before sending them.

Benefits of Chat Support


Solution list displayed simultaneously with question input, category design linked to the inquiry channel


Improve customer satisfaction by improving response and resolution rates


Response efficiency improvement by Web FAQ and information page guidance

Utilization Scene of Chat Support


  • Customer Support to aid in equipment operation and document preparation
  • Order acceptance window reception for companies offering products and services via the Internet
  • Information contact points linked to FAQs and manuals