Customer Care

Contribute to customer satisfaction and profitability with customer care support.

TMJ’s Customer Care services include inbound operations such as customer support, follow-up calls and notification calls, boosting corporate growth efficiently through fast, accurate, and well-handled interactions that bring out the customers’ real needs.

Features of Customer Care

A customer support that makes their customers proud, does outbound to maximizes LTV

In customer support, an operator should understand the client’s business and have a CS mind to bring out the “real needs” of each customer through solid communication skills and do operations that provide A-plus value.

In outbound, an operator with high communication skills can make a proposal tailored to each customer in the most suitable timing, can analyze the customer’s feelings and insights from the customer and site visit history, site browsing behavior and past purchase history, and the like. In doing so, we aim to maximize LTV (Life Time Value).

Human resource development to deepen customer understanding

In order to bring out the needs of each customer and make optimal communication happen, we incorporate trainings to deepen customer understanding.

Social style training

We carry out this training to understand your and the other person’s types, and to correspond the types to each other.

Elderly person response skill training

Understand the characteristics of senior citizens’ behavior and thinking, and acquire practical skills for dealing with them.

Use of tools to support customer service quality

We analyze insights from customer purchase history, visit history, VOC, etc. and use it to improve actual customer service.

Analyze and share customer insights

By utilizing knowledge management tools, we can quickly identify and respond to customer feedback (VOC) and questionnaire results.

Collection and utilization of VOCs using IVR

We will conduct surveys in “hot” conditions (urgent) after customer response with an automatic voice questionnaire system, and use it for customer satisfaction surveys and response evaluations.

Benefits of Customer Care


Improve customer service value through proper customer handling


CS improvement by meeting the true needs of customers


Increase sales by creating new sales opportunities

Utilization Scene of Customer Care


  • Product use consultation counter
    • Home appliance after-sales service
    • Communication carrier customer support service
    • Customer healthcare consultation office duties
  • Agency support
    • Building material agency window reception
    • Communication carrier agent support service
    • Life insurance agency helpdesk service
  • Product use promotion window
    • Cosmetics mail order for dormant customers
    • Non-life insurance, car insurance contract renewal business
    • Business promotions that utilize correspondence education

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