Customer Journey Mapping

TMJ offers overall support from problem extraction to CX optimization to capture user behavior across multiple channels and devices.

TMJ obtains accurate understanding of the current customer journey map for our clients by using a cloud analysis system named “USERGRAM”. By combining the obtained information with the abundance of VOC that are gathered at TMJ’s contact centers, we are able to propose the most optimal customer journey map for our clients.

Features of TMJ's Customer Journey Mapping
  • Obtain accurate customer behavior by combining physical and virtual customer data.
  • Propose optimization CX plan based on customer journey survey and analysis.
  • Redesign customer journey map, create and improve operation flow to enhance CX.
Effects of TMJ's Customer Journey Mapping

Enhancing customer satisfaction by web UI/flow improvement.


Improving talk script to increase operation efficiency (cost reduction).


Increasing sales by improving sales approach.


Obtaining accurate understanding of user behavior.

Utilization Examples of TMJ's Customer Journey Mapping
  • Clarifying user motive. (reason for call, inquiry specification, etc.)
  • Gaining/increasing new customer base.
  • LTV improvement/ Improvement of withdrawal prevention measure accuracy
Flow of TMJ's Customer Journey Mapping
Problem Seeking
  • Strategy / Policy
  • Solution goals
  • Current status
Account Designing
  • Determining target range
  • Point of conversion
  • Point of contact place
Implementation Process
  • Account setting/execution
  • Placing tags
  • Testing
Data Measuring
  • Log accumulation
Aggregating / Analyzing / Reporting
  • Extract user data
  • Monitor/analyze data
  • Understand user behavior
  • Create improvement plan

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