CX Design

TMJ understands the importance of positive customer experience in today’s society and business. From contact centers, websites, advertisements, or other from of marketing strategies, TMJ offers wide variety of solutions to strengthen our clients’ CX to support their growth.

Features of TMJ's CX Design

Overall Design based on Thorough Understanding of Clients' Contact Points

From helping our clients understand the state of their CX to designing and operating contact points, TMJ offers a one-stop support for each phase of our clients’ businesses. By having deep and full understanding of our clients’ values, businesses, needs, and requirements, TMJ offers a customized solution that is capable of enhancing our clients’ CX and overall values.

Effects of TMJ's CX Design

Enhance corporate branding by improving its customer contact points.


Build more customer awareness, leading to increased sales and purchase frequency.


Reduce cost by minimizing number of inquiries.


Improve customer satisfaction by enhancing functionality/UI for each customer contact points.


Acquire deep and accurate understanding of the current state of CX based on VOC.

Utilization Examples of TMJ's CX Design
  • Create a 5-year strategic roadmap.
  • Establish next-generation contact centers.
  • Envision how a contact center can be improved based on the current state of CX
  • Plan/design for improved organizational structure.

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