Document Management Service

Help improve forms and optimize workflow by understanding the cause of “unintelligible” formats and documents.

TMJ offers Document Management Service, an easy-to-understand design format that is less prone to defects, cost waste, and lost opportunities in handling customer information, resulting in workflow processes that can be efficiently improved.

Features of Document Management Service

Evaluate forms and documents and extract improvement points

Evaluate the forms to be evaluated based on the criteria items.

  • Amount of information
  • Color design
  • Font Layout
  • Document flow
  • Sentence expressions
  • Entry field
  • Office efficiency

Identify processing problems in the workflow analysis and reflect them in the given design format

Visualize administrative and operating procedures on the system. Processing problems and operational problems are identified, analyzed, and reflected in the design format.

  • Make operation flowchart based on workload analysis
  • Link documents/systems and phases of the working process
  • Present the path for improvement measures from the information flow
Benefits of Document Management Service


Reduce the document incompletion rate due to ease of entry


Reduce the number of inquiries and complaints


Promotion of member acquisition

Utilization Scene of Document Management Service


  • Things that lead to user stress because the display is hard to view
    • General documents
    • Report
    • Greeting cards
    • An envelope, a calendar, a notebook, a timetable, etc.
  • Things that lead to the user’s disadvantage because of unclear content
    • Application forms for insurance and financial products
    • Announcements
    • Invoices
    • Pamphlets
    • Reports, product manuals, e-commerce screens, ATM screens, etc.
  • Industries and industry-type used
    • Life insurance company
    • Non-life insurance company
    • Investment trust company
    • Bank
    • Local government

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