Mystery Call

Improve the operator's quality of service by being in the customer’s shoes.

TMJ's Mystery Call Survey lets one impersonate as a customer who will contact customer support and evaluate the quality of their service in terms of communication skills, meeting the caller’s needs, etc.

Features of Mystery Call


  • Set up and investigate call scenarios according to your purpose
  • Consistent support from survey design to execution; can provide analysis, reporting and improvement suggestions
  • Providing outputs that can be used to solve issues and immediately improve quality


Benefits of Mystery Call


Identify quality problems and their causes, and use them to determine the possible solutions


Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your company compared to competitors, and reflect them in training to establish improvement

Utilization Scene of Mystery Call


  • Evaluation of customer service quality from a customer’s perspective.
  • Operator knowledge level
    • Empathy and attitude towards customers
    • Handling complaints
  • Cross-site comparison with competitors
    • Comparison of response quality between multiple sites and departments in your company
    • Competitive quality comparison with competitors

Flow of Mystery Call

  • Interview with your quality control department
  • Confirmation of missions and goals in the surveyed departments
  • Survey scenario development, schedule confirmation
    (About 2 hours)
  • Creating survey scenarios and script (approximately 2 weeks)
    (Deliverables: Scenario Script)
  • TMJ Mystery Call executor makes a phone call disguised as a customer and begins investigations in accordance with the talk script (about 2 weeks) (Deliverables: Mystery Call audio)
  • The person-in-charge of the TMJ evaluation performs calibration (ear-to-ear) using a voice sample (about 1 week)
  • Based on the Response Quality Evaluation Standard (TMJ standard), TMJ monitoring personnel will begin evaluations (approximately 2 weeks)
  • Summary of Response Quality Evaluation sheet and preparation for analysis report (about 2 weeks)
  • Report the implementation results (about 2 hours) (deliverables: results report, individual evaluation results, other data)

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