NPS Installation Support Service

Net Promoter Score (NPS) installation support from visualization to improvement suggestions and establishment.

TMJ offers a one-stop service that matches customer satisfaction, from survey design to questionnaire distribution and analysis using specialized tools, then conducts an evaluation cycle to achieve Customer Experience Value (CX) improvements.

Features of NPS Installation Support Service


  • From search design to collection, analysis can be carried out on the cloud, all in one stop.
  • Real-time grasp of survey results
  • Individual evaluation is also possible by linking with a support representative


Benefits of NPS Installation Support Service


NPS installation and evaluation cycle establishment


Contributing to business growth through activities for improvement


Utilization Scene of NPS Installation Support Service


  • We want to continuously measure customer loyalty to move the CX improvement cycle
  • We want to understand and improve issues in the support process




Flow of NPS Installation Support Service

Task Hearing

Questionnaire Design

Creating a List / Distribution Settings

Questionnaire Distribution (Response Request)

Aggregation / Analysis / Reporting

Cooperation / Partner Company

This service is jointly provided by TMJ, who has the know-how in managing customers using the cloud tool “NPX Pro” provided by
NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd.

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