Response Quality Diagnosis

Identify issues and points for improvement through a comprehensive diagnosis of the quality of call center phone services

A full-time Quality Control (QA) staff performs an evaluation analysis of the call center’s individual, partial, or entire workforce, using the diagnostic results to create an improved training program curriculum.

Features of Response Quality Diagnosis


  • Ability to objectively evaluate and analyze quality of response from the perspective of a third party
  • TMJ’s unique response quality evaluation standard based on various business operation know-how
  • The person in charge of dedicated QA conducts monitoring based on unified evaluation criteria


Benefits of Response Quality Diagnosis


Extraction of response quality issues across call centers


Extraction of the operator's individual tasks

Utilization Scene of Response Quality Diagnosis


  • Objectively grasp the quality of response
  • Verification of the effects of human resource development measures
  • Problem extraction of response quality of call center

Flow of Response Quality Diagnosis

  • Interview the person-in-charge in your Quality Control department
  • Confirmation of mission and goal of your call center
  • Schedule check
    (About 2 hours)
  • Your company will provide call recordings (CD-ROM, DVD-R, etc.)
  • The TMJ evaluator performs calibration (ear-matching) using your call sample
    (About a week)
  • Based on the response quality evaluation standard (TMJ standard), the person-in-charge of TMJ evaluation performs the evaluation (approximately 2 weeks)
    * The quick diagnosis is approximately 1 week
  • Response evaluation sheet results in aggregation and analysis, report preparation
    (About 2 weeks <quick diagnosis about 1 week>)
  • Report the implementation results (deliverable’s: results report, individual evaluation results, various data)
    ※ Results report of quick diagnosis

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