RPA Service

TMJ supports RPA, from its development to operation, all the way.

RPA (Robotics Process Automation) is the process of replacing and automating part/s of the work using a personal computer and a robot. We offer full support required for RPA deployment using our call center know-how accumulated through the years.

Features of RPA Service

PoC Service (Trial)

Support service to check the effectiveness for 2 months

Contents Installation trial service
Period Spot (limited to 2 months)
Standard Price One set for 600,000 yen ~ Estimated separately

Integration Service

Selection of operations to be RPA - development and maintenance set service

Contents RPA installation support / operation agency
Period Regular (Continuous use)
Standard Price Initial cost 1.5 million yen ~, running individual quote
※ Displayed amount is assumed for 100 steps × 3 scenarios
※ License cost is not included

Business Outsourcing

Please contact us.

We will extract the process where RPA is effective, confirm the effectiveness, and help from installation and development to operation.


Installation results / industry / vendor information collection


Test installation duties extraction


Solution selection and trial planning and implementation


Installation / construction-update-maintenance (system-building)


Effect verification

Benefits of RPA Service


Labor cost reduction for routine work


Reduction of training expenses and man-hours allocated to routine work


Reduce human error

Utilization Scene of RPA Service


  • Automation of Excel and WEB browser operations
  • Website patrol
  • Summary report data download
  • Operations such as text pasting, selection, and registration

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