Recruitment Agency (RPO)

Act on behalf of the applicant for the entire recruitment process, with accumulated know-how from actual results.

For new graduates, mid-career employees, and part-time employees, we reduce opportunity loss such as applications that we cannot cope with within business hours, contributing to provide secure and excellent human resources.

Features of Recruitment Agency (RPO)

System not to miss applicants

  • 365-day reception system including nights and holidays with many incoming applications
  • Optimal staffing to minimize time from the application to setting an interview
  • Improving interview rates through speedy responses

High recruitment ability based on abundant transactions with major human resource companies

  • Accumulated recruitment knowledge
  • Work design based on data analysis, maximum use of days of the week and times that are easy to connect to applicants
  • Smooth communication with applicants utilizing practical call center know-how

Flexible responses upon request

  • We will design operations and systems to meet your needs and achieve flexible and efficient recruitment activities.
  • Can be operated with the recruitment management system used in your company
  • Deployment of recruitment activities at multiple locations such as branches and stores
Benefits of Recruitment Agency (RPO)


Reduces the number of missing applicants and increases the contact probability with excellent human resources


Achieves an environment where recruiters can concentrate more on core operations


Implements hiring plans and reduce hiring costs per person

Utilization Scene of Recruitment Agency (RPO)


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