Sales Office Support Service

TMJ offers a service that acts on behalf of other office work wherein representatives can focus on sales

We aim to help sales representatives who are responsible in quotation preparations or calls, business card management of trading partners, sales activities and the like, to focus on operations directly linked to revenue.

Features of Sales Office Support Service

  • Identify the areas and methods that can be outsourced, and operate the extracted business.
  • We also extract the load generated in the front and back processes of the target work and receive a little more at a certain stage in time.
  • In addition to human support, technologies such as RPA and AI-OCR will be adapted to your business.
Benefits of Sales Office Support Service


Expand profitability by focusing on core operations


The person-in-charge can concentrate on checking the sentences in question (quality improvement)Improve employee satisfaction by reducing work load


Reduction of labor costs invested in indirect operations

Utilization Scene of Sales Office Support Service


  • Sales Department
    • Quotation writing · Update / Quotation · Invoice printing ~ Shipping / Customer proposal plan change · Photo replacement / Business card management / Event invitation / Attendance · Data sending follow-up phone
  • Agency Support Department
    • Document ・ Catalog reception-dispatch / Report ・ Various procedures for office work / Primary response to the inquiry
  • Branch Office General Affairs Department
    • Representative telephone power reception aggregation / In-house application office work / In-house application office work / Welfare information guidance ・ Application procedure/training, large-scale training, etc.
  • Purchasing and Procurement Department
    • Purchasing ・ Paperwork with external contractors ・ Contracts ・ Contract documents such as contract document management / Inspection work
  • Store Department
    • Staff recruitment peripheral procedure · Interview setting / Shift adjustment / Inventory management / Data form management / Report for head office
  • Showroom ・ Others
    • Update work such as sales cooperation office work / Reservation homepage・ follow-up / Business talk contents

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