Sales Support

Contribute to sales expansion using a forecasting model and detailed operations to determine purchasing probability.

TMJ’s Sales Support Service makes use of analytical technology that focuses on customer discourse, including sales promotions in acquiring new customers and bringing back the dormant ones, to create high investment returns.

Features of Sales Support

Outbound sales to increase sales efficiency

Using analytics technology, we build purchasing forecasts such as “when, to whom, and what products are likely to sell” and contact the target customers to ensure that the products appeal to them. On the other hand, those who are predicted to have a low purchasing probability will be excluded. We can improve sales accuracy and efficiency by accurately promoting purchasing decisions based on sophisticated operation tactics.

Maximizing outcomes Connection optimization tool

We will assign the best call list from more than 5600 combinations, including acquisition and connection rates, and operator skill segments.

Be guided to achieving the goal KPI Management

We set outcome indicators such as productivity and service quality for each project, and carry out operation management and business improvement according to the figures.

Inbound sales to create sales opportunities

An individual's needs are predicted based on the customer's behavior, past purchase history, etc., and an operator with high communication skills makes a proposal tailored to each customer through a suitable dialogue.

Mechanism to predict and share needs

We use knowledge management tools to quickly identify and respond to customer feedback (VOCs) and survey results.

Human resource development with high sales capabilities

We carry out training to understand your and the other person’s types, and to correspond the types to each other.

Benefits of Sales Support


Efficient acquisition of new customers


Sales promotion done in optimal timing


Increase sales by becoming a profit center

Utilization Scene of Sales Support


  • New customer acquisition
    • Sharpen the quality of communication services through acquiring subscriptions
  • Life insurance: Medical insurance sales business
    • Non-life insurance: Corporate prospect development business
  • Increase sales from existing customers
    • Follow a large number of policyholders
    • Internet: Upselling promotion work
    • Credit card: Promotion work using Ribo
  • Prevent customer withdrawal and bring back dormant customers
    Internet course on communication education

    • Cosmetics: Absent customer revival work
    • Information communication: Revival promotion work to withdrawing customers
  • Inbound sales
    • Consumer electronics: Mail order site’s order request center
    • PC Maker: Internet mail order reception duties
    • Health food: Mail order reception duties

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