SMS Service

An SMS service with high arrival rates.

Including iPhone and Android smartphones, and other mobile phones (flip phones), TMJ’s SMS service can send messages to mobile numbers with high arrival rates. We encourage you to use it in various communication media in accordance with the application's usage method.

Features of SMS Contact Service

SMS Transmission Function

Capable of individual transmission, simultaneous transmission, input of transmission information in CSV data and direct input

SMS Transmission Acceptance Function

Work with an automatic voice response (IVR) or an operator to send an SMS to your mobile phone that arrives at a call center

Status Check of Transmission Result

Because it is a carrier-dedicated line design, it is possible to check if the message actually reached the mobile terminal or receive a reason why delivery failed.

Content Creation Function

Content (HTML) up to 5,000 characters can be easily generated and inserted into SMS. It is also possible to insert logo images

Questionnaire Creation Function

Questionnaire pages (HTML) can be easily created and inserted into SMS. This is also available in featured phones

Questionnaire Tabulation, Simple Analysis Function

Capable of individual and simultaneous transmissions, input of transmission information in CSV data and direct input.

CRM Function

You can filter and target specific customers with periodical and conditional types of SMS delivery

Benefits of SMS Contact Service


Improve contact reception rates for customers who are not easily connected


Reduction of incoming calls by easing call concentration


Communication efficiency improvement for notifications that are difficult to convey verbally


Expand sales opportunities through messages with high arrival rates

Utilization Scene of SMS Service


  • Payment recommendation such as insurance premium, card payment
  • Gas supply connection, schedule confirmation of housing equipment construction, notification
  • Order response window for mail order media response
  • Information communication · Address registration / card change
  • Telephone reception support for electric retailers
  • Line and SIM sales support via phone

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