Work Volume Survey and Analysis

TMJ analyzes your entire workflow and determines how your operation can run with more efficiency and productivity. TMJ simplifies the process of making improvements in the workplace for our clients by offering a packaged service that includes survey and analysis. The focus is on prioritizing the areas that must be improved, thus contributing to your overall business quickly and efficiently.

Features of TMJ's Work Volume Survey and Analysis

Visualizing your entire operation quickly, accurately and efficiently.

TMJ analyzes the trend value of your business and proposes improvement plans quickly to ensure your operation does not suffer.

TMJ provides standardized template for each industry

During the analyzation period, TMJ utilizes operation configuration and survey templates that have been standardized for each industry.

  • Using questionnaire survey to pinpoint your issues.
  • 6-week analyzation period.
  • Create detailed work-task list and combine it with the survey results to clarify all work and tasks.
Effects of TMJ's Work Volume Survey and Analysis

Creating continuous improvement cycle at minimum cost and effort.


Utilizing for strategy making, recruiting plans, and HR development based on the current state of your business.

Utilization Examples of TMJ's Work Volume Survey and Analysis
  • Outsourcing the non-core work and focusing on the core work to maximize productivity.
  • Identify the work that can be outsourced as a countermeasure plan for surrounding environment/market change.
  • Assign appropriate personnel/team for overall optimization.
  • “Eliminate”, “Reduce”, and/or “Change” inefficient work around your workplace.
  • Extract and improve non-standardized work.
Flow of TMJ's Work Volume Survey and Analysis
Leader Hearing

Organize types of work.

Create Work List

Clarify all work.

Fill in Questionnaire Survey

Determine work volume per person.

Aggregate and Analyze Data

Create database by using BPEC tool.

Provided Functions of TMJ’s Work Volume Survey and Analysis

  • Business structure diagram (list)
  • Questionnaire survey
  • Skill level list/analysis
  • Work volume database
  • HR matrix
  • Workload analysis (by level)
  • Personalized operation analysis

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