Technical Support

Achieve customer experience improvements through human resource development and technology utilization.

Enhance customer experience with TMJ's Technical Support, a training curriculum that teaches operators accurate knowledge tools to support answer responses, such as self-solving FAQ operations, in a short period of time.

Features of Technical Support

Operators' short-term training

This training program combines e-Learning and group training, and incorporates methods to increase the training effects while shortening the group training time, and practices shortening the training period and early launch of new operators.

Cooperation with various channels

It works with phones, emails, chats, SNS tools, etc. to implement communication that does not put stress on customers.

Support tool to improve answer quality

We analyze past inquiries and response results and constantly improve the content of the responses.

Operator Answer Support Tool

A uniform response quality is achieved using tools that automatically display talk scripts and items for confirmation based on the customer’s response.

Linkage with FAQ system

Based on the contents of the inquiry, we will continue to improve the quality of the response in conjunction with the data results in which the real cause is answered using the FAQ system and the VOC.

Benefits of Technical Support


Improve productivity by reducing the time to deduce answers


Improve customer satisfaction by reducing waiting time for answers


Reduce costs by improving the response rate of systems and tools such as FAQs

Utilization Scene of Technical Support


  • User acquisition promotion before contract signing
    • Contract promotion to users such as the trial version
    • Value experience support during the trial time
    • Promoting the use of related paid services
  • User withdrawal prevention right after the end of the contract
    • Giving up on the full installation due to lack of skills
    • Advanced support at withdrawal point
    • Withdrawal prevention with early value experience support after purchase
  • Responding to inquiries about products with complex functions
    • Inquiries for business software and services
    • Support for products and services whose market introduction time is short
    • Support for manufacturers’ products’ numerous management points

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