Temporary Staff

Deployment results for all industries. TMJ supports your company's use of human resources based on our recruitment know-how.

We can provide optimal human resource services in all industries and occupations with the talent-recruiting skills cultivated in the call center business.

Features of Temporary Staff

Recruitment and matching skills


  • Human resources recruiting capabilities cultivated over many years of call center business
  • Avoiding human resource mismatch through unique recruitment know-how
  • Achieve optimal supply of personnel with accurate potential diagnosis

Detailed individual suggestions and coordination

  • Implement optimal plan proposals for your company’s requirements and issues
  • We can respond to a variety of requirements such as from consignment to deployment, permanent employment, region-limited regular employees, and “same labor same pay” law revision

Quantitative human resource management indicators and improvement culture

  • Under quantitative KPI management, we are working to improve recruitment and regularly share improvement cases.
Benefits of Temporary Staff


Recruitment and management cost reduction


Secure immediate manpower


Flexible employment system

Utilization Scene of Temporary Staff


  • Year-end adjustment, increase in busy season including end of the year
  • Responding to employee childcare leave and nursing care leave
  • Utilizing the differences in business fluctuations of large office centers
  • Introductory employment placement dispatch in the type of work that emphasizes professional skills and aptitude

Flow of Temporary Staff

  • We will ask you details of the dispatch period, staff and requests.
  • We will propose an optimal plan based on the requests we have received.
  • We will make a final meeting.
  • From our registered staff, we will propose the kind of human resource that can meet your needs.Registered staff are pre-screened by PC input tests and aptitude tests for identification
  • We will conclude a dispatch contract.
  • On the day of joining the company, a TMJ representative will bring the staff to a smooth start.
  • After joining the company, a TMJ representative will follow up accordingly.
Temporary Staff Results

General Secretary Accounting work Sales office

Editorial assistance
  • Checks, proofreader arrangements, document preparation
  • Progress management, schedule adjustment
Shipping / Forwarding
  • Shipping procedure, sorting and packing
  • Purchase procedure, procurement agency, part-time job recruitment agency
Information system
  • Procedures related to information system processing and management
General affairs
  • Conference operation, regular mail collection and distribution, department maintenance
  • Equipment order, PC selector, general procedure
  • Website update, department assistance
Human resources
  • Social insurance procedure
  • Office work about admission and withdrawal of various insurance
  • Payroll, benefits
  • Business procedure about accounting process
Sales office
  • Sales office
Billing / reminder
  • Reminder, invoicing, issue

Call center Customer service

Customer support
  • Customer work: Accepting orders, sending materials / samples, product descriptions, changing contract contents, accepting / subscribing
  • Internal operations: Support for dealers / agents, internal consultation
  • Help desk: PC, software, peripheral device inquiries
Inbound sales
  • Shopping consultation counter
    Insurance acquisition
Sales support
  • Invitation to seminars, promotion of use, DM follow-up
Service update
  • Contract renewal, contract content confirmation, charge reminder, list maintenance, key man research
Application acceptance
  • Application acceptance, various delivery acceptance
Customer information management
  • Customer information management (address change, course change)
  • Withdrawal process
  • Insurance acquisition, communication service acquisition, mail order customer acquisition, dormant customer revival
  • Material request follow
After service
  • Return / refund processing, repair reception
Credit and examination
  • Credit card application examination
  • Authorization processing

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