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Regarding handling of personal information (identification information) acquired by cookies etc.

We will use the following information (here in after referred to as “browsing history etc.”) when you access the site from a terminal such as a personal computer or mobile phone for the following purposes. We may obtain cookies etc. stored on your computer, and may link the browsing history etc. on our site with the collected personal information.
Cookies etc. do not contain information that can directly identify individuals, such as names and addresses.

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Personal information (identification information) usage notification acquired by cookies etc.

1. Operator and person-in-charge
TMJ Personal Information Protection Manager

2. Collected information

  • Terminal identification information
    • Customer’s usage environment (provider, terminal environment, etc.)
  • Records that customers browsed and used on our site
  • Identification information distributed to our company by using the service of other company where the customer was linked to our company
    • In this case, identification information may be distributed from our company to the services of other companies that are linked.
  • Location information that can be obtained by mobile phones etc.
    • However, it will only be acquired after obtaining your consent.

3. Purpose of use

  • For research and development of our service
  • To provide advertisements and services tailored to the customers’ interests
  • In order to provide service information by e-mail or telephone

4. Regarding third party offers
Personal information (identification information) will not be provided to third parties without the consent of the person.

5. Regarding consignment of personal information (identification information)
The Company may outsource part or all of the work that handles personal information (identification information.

6. Regarding joint use
The Company does not share a part or all of the work that handles personal information (identification information).

7. Own discretion and its consequences
Providing personal information (identification information) is optional.
If you do not want to provide personal information (identification information), or if you do not need to receive information from us, please select “Deactivate cookies” from the web browser settings.

8. Regarding handling of personal information (identification information)
We will properly store and manage personal information (identification information) that you will provide and take appropriate security measures

9. Regarding acquisition of personal information (identification information) in a way that cannot be easily recognized
Personal information (identification information) may be acquired for the purpose of 3. above.

10. Safety management measures in the page
With regard to the acquired identification information, we will take necessary and appropriate measures for prevention and correction of leakage, loss or damage, data disposal etc.

11. Regarding the correction, addition, deletion, disclosure or refusal, and complaint consultations about personal information
At the person’s request, we will respond to purpose of use notifications subject to disclosure, correction, addition, removal of content, or suspension of use of personal information held by our department.
The personal information subject to disclosure is the item provided by the person to the Company.
For inquiries, please contact “Personal Information Inquiry”.

12. Contact information

We will respond to inquiries including complaints and inquiries regarding personal information through the following contact details.
Please note that we cannot respond if you visit the company directly.

Mail Inquiry

Risk Management & Compliance Section, Operation Management Department, TMJ, Inc.

Thank you very much.