HR Development and Training

TMJ offers award-winning contact center training curriculums to ensure all of its agents possess necessary skills to maintain high-level customer support that is required in the Japanese market by repeating effective “experience” and “review” processes.

Features of TMJ's HR Development and Training

All Contact-Center Related Curriculums being Covered by TMJ University

TMJ maintain a world-standard quality services through its in-house training program called, “TMJ University”. All of the employees working at TMJ’s contact center must take and pass TMJ University’s curriculums to ensure all of them possess the necessary skills and knowledge to build its culture and reputation of operating efficient and high-quality contact center.


TMJ’s training curriculums and its process have been praised and awarded by many stakeholders and organizations.


Contact Center Awards 2017

1st Prize - "Best Outsource / Helpdesk Category" Award Winner


The 14th Japan e-Learning Award
“Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare" Award Winner

e-Learning services for the elderly
Awarded Theme : Training program based on empirical learning.
"PLATOS" - Continuous Manager Development Program
The First company from the BPO industry to be awarded.

Effects of TMJ's HR Development and Training

Increase in overall knowledge and skill levels among the employees.


Improvement in performance, leading to increase in sales.

Utilization Examples of TMJ's HR Development and Training
  • Increased Utilization of Blended-Learning

    • To shorten training period and increase training efficiency, TMJ combines e-learning with group training based on client’s needs and demands.
  • Follow-up Learning

    • Reviewing and participating in individual trainings and/or 1-on-1 meetings after the training session enhances the understanding of the training curriculums.
TMJ's HR Development and Training Program
Training Content Duration Target
Training Type
Group Training
Training Type
Basic Telephone Support Skills 3.5 Hours

Active Listening Skills 3 Hours

Speaking skills 3 Hours

CS & Service Quality 3 Hours

Complaint Processing 3 Hours

Outbound calls Basic Skills 4.5 Hours

Sales Communication 3 Hours

Social Style 3 Hours

Basic Call Center Knowledge 3 Hours

Quality Management 3 Hours

Smooth Communication with the Elderly 3 Hours

Elderly Support Skills 3.5 Hours

Elderly Communication Training Tool "Gero Talk"


Improvement Method for Productivity 6 Hours

Basics On-Site Management Skills by IE 6 Hours

HR Development 4 Hours

1on1 Procedure 4 Hours

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