Internal Help Desk

Chatbot x Manpower Support significantly reduces the time spent responding to queries.

TMJ's Internal Help Desk Service is a combination of chatbots and automated chats that respond automatically, offering proxy services for internal inquiries at low-costs, thus helping to improve employee satisfaction by concentrating on core operations.

Features of Internal Help Desk

Low cost, easy, quick chatbots to solve your Internal contact challenges.

Self-solving type channel

Optimization by automatic response analysis and Chatbot updates

24/7, 365 day automatic response

Automatic response possible even after hours by installing Chatbots

Low cost menu

Install the Chatbot + manned chat at a low price

Easy initial settings

Just prepare the QA and we will act upon problematic registration situations and other settings

Quick installation support

Can be installed in as little as 1.5 months

Benefits of Internal Help Desk


Increase employee satisfaction by reducing man-hours for handling inquiries


Improve productivity by reducing the waiting time for responses

Utilization Scene of Internal Help Desk

  • Responses to personnel inquiries such as withholding slips and leave applications
  • General affairs inquiries such as business trip arrangements and equipment procurement
  • IT-related inquiries such as PC failure and network troubles

Flow of Internal Help Desk

  • Service introduction / installation work and present condition hearing / quote presentation
  • Application form / Contract signing
  • Tool use application
  • Hearing requirements
  • Creating the QA sheet
  • 【Tool settings】 ・ Initial settings ・ QA registration
  • 【Personnel preparation】・ Operator response QA preparation ・ Education
  • 【Installation test】 ・Installation confirmation test
  • User extraction
  • Data observation
  • Action interpretation
  • Action improvement development

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