Offshore Contact Center

Low-cost and quality-controlled phone, email and chat service supported by Filipino staff​

Lower costs! Make it possible by utilizing our Philippines location

Operation in the Philippines with its lower price level enables cost reduction. The English proficiency of people in the Philippines, which is one of the best in Asia also assure our quality and offer a wide range of services through various channels (phones, email, chat, etc.)

Concern We hear from People Involved in the Contact Center Business


How can we keep costs down while still valuing the quality of our response?


How proficient are Filipinos in English?


How well qualified and highly skilled are your resources for the job?

We solve your problems with the strength of our overseas group companies!

Advantages of TMJP Offshore Contact Center

Low cost contact center operation in the Philippines

The services are provided by TMJP, a wholly owned subsidiary of TMJ. By integrating TMJ’s know-how cultivated over the years in the contact center industry and TMJP’s experience in local operations, we offer a business design suited to your requirements and meet your quality requirements. In addition, the low price levels in the Philippines allow for further cost savings compared to other countries.

Able to assign highly qualified personnel to each job * Japanese and English bilingual services are available

In order to secure high qualified personnel, we conduct skill tests and application tests / interviews in accordance with our strict hiring standards to ensure that we hire only the most qualified personnel who are truly suitable for the different requirements of each job. We also have a large number of Japanese-English bilingual operators who can respond to inquiries through a variety of channels such as phone, email, and chat.

Developing human resources and increasing motivation

We have developed 12 types of training programs to improve quality and skills, and are proactively engaged in human resource development. We are also committed to boosting employee morale through regular company events and team meetings aimed at preventing turnover and encouraging long-term employment.​

Operations in a world class security environment

At TMJP BPO Services, we have identified strengthening and ensuring information security as a top management priority, and in January 2017 we were awarded ISO27001 certification.
We will continuously strive to maintain and improve the information security of the entire TMJ Group through security activities to ensure a reliable system that our clients can use with ease.
* ISO 27001 is a standard for establishing and operating an information security management system and continuously improving it.

Local Staff Responsible for Operations

Call center start-up L

BPO Supervisor B

Utilization Scenarios for Offshore Contact Center


  • Internal Help desk
    • System related inquiries
    • HR and general affairs-related inquiries
  • Business partner support
    • Product and service inquiries
    • Various confirmation inquiries to business partners
  • Customer support
    • Product and service inquiries
    • Reservation, cancellation and reference service
  • Supported channels
    • Phone calls, e-mails and chats (text communication)

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