Translation Service

A Translation Service that aims to achieve the best translation work quality in a global network at low prices.

TMJ offers various Translation Services for corporate and recruitment sites, facility information, transcriptions, brochures, manuals, target language meta tags for description and keyword searches for web translations, etc.




Mandarin (Chinese)



Features of Translation Service

Translations are done at our off-shore departments, by native English speakers.

The Philippines, wherein TMJ has an overseas base, is the world’s leading BPO developed country that uses English as the official language, and it is an environment where it is easy to attract talented people with business-friendly English skills. At TMJ, we provide services through highly educated and highly qualified personnel such as university graduates. Mandarin (Chinese) translation services are also available.

Lower prices offered compared to domestic translations

The Philippines has the lowest rate of increase in minimum wages among Asian countries, and is able to offer low-cost business operations provided by talented people. Therefore, you can request for Translation Services at reasonable prices compared to domestic translations.

Fast delivery is possible through a system that can operate 24 hours a day.

TMJ’s overseas bases can operate 24 hours a day, and can be flexible to customer requests.

Quality Control System

At TMJ, translation staff whose official language is English conduct their translations in the Philippine-based center (TMJP BPO Service Co., Ltd.). Native English-speaking staff translate into sentences and search keywords that can be read naturally, making it possible to build a website from a customer perspective. Also, for Chinese, native staff at overseas bases conduct quality checks.

Management System

Benefits of Translation Service


Document quality improvement


Translation cost and lead time reduction

Utilization Scene of Translation Service


  • Localization of global corporate websites
  • Translations of websites and tools for hotels, inns, tourist information sites etc.
  • Dealing with foreign patients in hospital and clinic websites
  • Translations of website text, meta tag keywords and descriptions
  • English conversation transcripts (conference, symposium, lecture, speech, presentation)
  • Brochure and manual translations
  • Business document translations
  • English proofreading, native speaker check



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