FAQ Integration Service

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs by combining the FAQ system and call center operation know-how.

TMJ helps with system construction and customers' FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) with various plans to meet current issues including a cloud-type system, start-up and operations support (analysis and tabulation), and the FAQ operation application.

Features of FAQ Integration Service

01 FAQ Assessment

We analyze leads, inquiry trends, and the like to determine the possible causes why the amount of inquiries in the system is not reduced


02 FAQ Consulting

We will extract the current FAQ system issues and present solutions for them.


03 FAQ Installation Support

We support the complete installation from the suitable system selection for your company to the effective design. If you have a knowledge manager, we will provide services including implementation practices. If there is none, we will conduct follow-up analysis and category design etc. in advance while the implementation is being led by your company.


04 FAQ Operation Agency

We perform continuous operations from management to practical matters such as FAQ data analysis, lead and content improvement.

Benefits of FAQ Integration Service


Address fluctuations in search results and registration

Issues with synonyms with neural search and VOC-based synonym


Reading ate improvement (visibility)

Headline improvement and presentation of answers using a flowchart


Resolution rate improvement (resolution)

Solution list displayed simultaneously with question input, category design linked to the inquiry channel

Utilization Scene of Sales Support


  • Customer service operations with frequent service releases and an increase in specific inquiries
  • Technical Support services that require multiple conditions and status confirmation to answer an inquiry
  • Contact center that relies on the knowledge and skills of the operator

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