Reduce the number of live incoming calls with automated interactive Chatbots.

TMJ offers support services for implementation and operation of Chatbots that respond automatically through text by building scenarios and scripts based on our call center management know-how. This promotes self-resolution, reducing the number of inquiries received.

Features of Chatbot

Reduce the number of calls to the call center

Based on utilization by different evaluation axes such as customer satisfaction and/or FAQ as a response, Chatbot performs tool selection and installation support according to the company’s purpose, and aids in evaluation improvement etc.

Benefits of Chatbot


By improving self resolution rates, there is also improvement for the end user's customer experience and satisfaction


Cost reduction by reducing the number of inquiries as compared to the huge numbers received before


Improve customer support productivity by visualizing the content and resolution of inquiries

Utilization Scene of Chatbot


  • Customer Support to help with equipment operation and document preparation
  • Order acceptance window for companies offering products and services via the Internet
  • Information contact points linked to FAQs and manuals