Published Matters Based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information

Based on the personal information protection law, guidelines established by a competent minister based on the said law, basic policy (decided by Cabinet) law enforcement order on personal information protection, personal information protection management system, and the rules of the affiliated organizations, the Company has to disclose the purpose of using the acquired personal information, the third party provisions, the procedures for responding to requests for disclosure, matters regarding taking in complaints, etc.

Published Matters

I. Publication on the purpose of using personal information

(1) Our company obtains personal information directly from the individual other than in written form (including input to the screen on the network same as below) or indirectly as follows.

  • Customer’s Personal Information
  • [Purpose of Use]
  • To reply to your inquiries
  • To send materials, provide information on our services, and announce seminars and events, etc.
  • To provide products and services you have applied for
  • To inform you of information about products and services
  • To create questionnaires, surveys, statistical data, marketing data, and the like
  • To conduct research, planning, and development related to our business
  • To perform evaluations and monitoring of response quality
  • To request business transactions, such as outsourcing services
  • To be able to perform the work commissioned
  • To communicate on business execution
  • Other purposes related to or incidental to the above items
  • [Applicable businesses]
  • Operation support and consulting business for planning and implementation of CRM strategy
  • Management agency and consulting business for the construction and operation of call centers
  • Processing agency and consulting business for back-office operations
  • Database construction, data processing services such as data analysis
  • Planning, development, operation and operation agency business for e-commerce sites, Internet marketing sites, etc.
  • Provision of official content for mobile sites, information, and other agency services using Internet sites, etc.
  • Internet advertising agency business
  • Software development, sales and leasing business
  • Educational and training programs for call center operators and managers
  • Quality control business for call center operators and managers
  • Other businesses related to or incidental to the above items.
  • Personal information related to recruitment and application
  • To respond to general inquiries regarding recruitment
  • To select and process new employees for our company’s recruitment activities
  • For job referrals (only if requested)
  • To conduct analysis to improve overall recruiting services
  • In order to select employees for employment, our company uses proper methods for inquiries regarding documents and information collected by public institutions or equivalent organizations.
  • For human resource management after employment
  • Personal information regarding employees
  • To manage personnel assignments such as transfers, secondments, relocations, evaluations, attendance management, bonuses, compensation procedures, tax payment processing, and other personnel and labor management matters.
  • To manage social insurance such as employment insurance (including various procedures required after retirement)
  • To manage skill development, including training implementation
  • To manage occupational health and safety and to confirm safety in the event of a disaster
  • To manage employee benefits
  • For internal sales purposes, including the sale of the Company’s and its group companies products and services
  • For the management of internal information systems as well as other uses such as remote access and personal computer use (including information security)
  • For procedures that include the use of company buildings, accounting procedures such as expense settlement, an emergency contact network, crime prevention, and other management required for the company’s operations.
  • For other purposes related to or incidental to the above items
  • [Certain Sensitive Personal Information(Special care-required personal information)]
  • If the individual has a physical disability, intellectual disability, mental disability (including developmental disability), or other physical or mental functional impairment, personal information is collected for the following purposes
  • For management as required by the Law for Employment Promotion of Persons with Disabilities.
  • To manage social insurance such as employment insurance (including various procedures required after retirement
  • Web service “poshulou”
  • To provide video contents and to manage viewing log etc.
  • To provide and manage the “poshlog” physical condition record function
  • To respond to inquiries (opinions, questions, and requests for video contents)
  • To research user trends and improve operations
  • To manage skill development, including training implementation

※ In principle, we clearly state the utilization purpose in written form when the Company obtains personal information directly from the person.

(2) The Company will use personal information provided (entrusted) by the consignment source according to the outsourced business within the range necessary to achieve the purpose of the contract with the said source.

II. “Matters related to “Provisions by third parties”

(1) The Company properly manages the personal information it holds and never provides it to third parties without obtaining the consent of the person in advance. However, there are exceptions as in the following cases.

  • when based on the law
  • when it is necessary to protect human life, body or property and it is difficult to obtain the person’s consent.
  • when it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the person’s consent.
  • when there is a risk that it may affect the execution of the office work concerned by obtaining the person’s consent in cases such as when it is necessary for a national organization or a local public entity or a person who receives the commission to cooperate in carrying out the affairs prescribed by the law,
  • when necessary matters are notified to the person in advance or published on this website, in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information

(2) In the case of joint use of personal information with a specific third party, the direct use of personal information together with a specific person will be shared. We will inform you about the personal information contents, the people who will jointly use them, the users’ purpose, and the name of the person responsible for the management of the said information, or publish it on this website.

III. Safety Management of Personal Information and Specified Personal Information

The Company establishes organizational, human, physical, and technical security control measures for our personal information, and implements PDCA cycle activities throughout the year.

IV. Procedures for Requests for Personal Information Disclosure, etc.

Regarding personal information managed by our company, we will respond to a request for disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of personal information, or disclosure of records of provision to third parties or cessation of provision to third parties (hereinafter referred to as “Request for Disclosure, etc.), from the person or his/her representative, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law.

(1) Identification of items subject to “request for disclosure, etc.”
The person making the request for disclosure, etc., or his / her agent will be required to specify the information for disclosure, correction, addition or deletion in the application form prescribed by the Company.

(2) Request for “request for disclosure, etc.”
Request for disclosure etc. is IV.(1) We will send you the necessary documents by telephone if you call the window reception listed.

(3) Documents (forms etc.) to be submitted on “request for disclosure, etc.”
In the case of “request for disclosure,” please complete and return the specified documents for identity verification after filling in all the required items in the prescribed application form mailed from our Company. The documents to be returned are (A) and (B) below.

  • (A) One application form prescribed by the Company
  • (B) Identification documents
    • If your driver’s license, health insurance card or other certificate shows your current address, please attach a copy on the application form.
    • If your current address is not listed, such as your passport, please include an additional one copy of the residence card and attach it.

(4) Request for disclosure from a representative party
In addition to the application form of the preceding paragraph (A), in cases where the person making the “request for disclosure, etc.” is a legal representative of a minor or adult ward or an agent that the individual has delegated to request for disclosure, etc. Please enclose the following documents ((A) or (B)).

  • (A) In the case of a legal representative
    • A. Documents to confirm that there is a right to legal representation
      • Family register copy, copy of insurance card filled with dependents in the case of parents
    • B. Documents to confirm that you are the legal representative
      • A copy of the driver’s license, etc., if the current address is listed
      • In the case of passports etc. where the current address is not stated, include an additional one copy of the residence card
  • (B) In the case of an agent by delegation
    • A. One company-prescribed proxy letter One personal seal certificate
    • B. Documents to confirm that you are the agent
      • A copy of the driver’s license, etc., if the current address is listed
      • In the case of passports etc. where the current address is not stated, include an additional one copy of the residence card
  • ※ “Copy of resident’s card” and “seal certificate” in (3) and (4) are limited to issuance date within three months from application date.

(5) Procedure fee and the collection method
The Company will be charged the following fee for “request for disclosure”.
(A fee is not charged for correction, addition and/or deletion requests.)
For each application, 970 yen (including consumption tax, etc.)
Please transfer to a designated account from the post office. The transfer fee should be the responsibility of the person or agent who makes the “request for disclosure”.

(6) Response method to “request for disclosure, etc.”
We will respond in writing to the address stated in the applicant’s application form.

(7) Purpose of using personal information acquired for “request for disclosure, etc.”
We will handle personal information acquired in line with the “request for disclosure, etc.” only to the extent necessary for responding to the “request for disclosure, etc.”Documents submitted will not be returned. The documents will be stored for 2 years after the response to the “Request for Disclosure, etc.” is completed, and then discarded.

(8) Notes

  • (A) We will contact you in the following cases. If you cannot respond after a certain period of time, please be aware that it can not be accepted as a proper request for disclosure. In this case, fees already paid will be refunded.
    • when there is a defect in the prescribed application documents
    • when the address described in the application form, in the documents for personal identification, and in the registered address of our Company do not match, etc.
    • when an agent can not confirm the proxy correctly when applying
    • when the fee is insufficient or if the fee has not been transferred
  • (B) We will consider it as a non-disclosure event in the following case. When you decide not to disclose, we will notify you by appending a reason to that effect. Also, even in the case of non-disclosure, we will not refund the fees already paid.
    • when it does not correspond to the reasons such as disclosure set forth in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information
    • when the target of the disclosure request does not fall under “personal information”
    • when there is a risk of harming the life, body, property, and other rights and interests of the person or third party
    • when there is a possibility that it will significantly affect the proper implementation of our business
    • when it violates other laws and ordinances

V. Person in charge of personal information protection

Risk Management & Compliance Section, Operation Management Department, TMJ, Inc. Office Manager

VI. Personal information inquiry window reception

(1) Our window reception
Please contact the following for inquiries about “Complaints” regarding our Company’s handling of personal information, requests for notification of the purpose of using personal information, “Requests for disclosure, etc.” and other procedures.
Personal information inquiry window
Mail Inquiry

※Please note that we cannot respond if you visit the company directly.

(2) Name of the “authorized personal information protection group” to which our company belongs and the complaint address
Name of authorized personal information protection group
Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community
Application for resolution of complaint
Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization Office
Street address
Roppongi First Building 1-9-9 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo 106- 0032 Roppongi First Building
Phone Number