QRM Basic Policy

As a member of the SECOM Group, TMJ, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), is fully committed to comprehensive quality management with quality and risk management at its core. (abbreviated “QRM” below)

TMJ was established on April 1, 1992, and has developed its business with BPO services as its core business, including customer contact and clerical work for corporate clients.

In recent years, many social issues have emerged, such as larger typhoons due to climate change, more severe natural disasters such as earthquakes, rapid evolution of AI technology, other geopolitical changes, measures against infectious diseases, demographic changes, and widening inequality, the demands, expectations, and needs of clients, stakeholders, and society are also changing and diversifying as the business environment changes and becomes more complex.

In this highly uncertain business environment, we are expected to further strengthen our activities as a member of society, not only through corporate governance such as legal compliance and governance enhancement, but also through environmental consideration, community co-creation, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives through our business activities.

Our mission is to “create a society where everyone can live comfortably through continuous dialogue and improvement”, we not only improve operational risks and the quality of operation processes based on our version of QC activities, (small improvement) activities, knowledge accumulated through various standardization and metrics, and scientific methods such as AI and data mining. We intend to improve overall CS by incorporating value creation through the provision of new value to clients. Simultaneously, we will work cooperatively with our employees to communicate with them, improve their working environment, propose diverse work styles, and strive to improve work-life productivity and quality by enhancing welfare.

  • We comply with laws, regulations, national guidelines and other norms.
  • We will prioritize laws, regulations, national guidelines, and other norms, as well as SLQDC, in our decision-making process, in order to improve quality.
  • We foster and disseminate risk sensitivity and base our response to risk on the SECOM Group’s policies and the “Values” defined in our Corporate Identity (CI).
  • To ensure QRM execution, we require accountability for risk at all levels of our company and allocate the necessary resources.
  • We will establish a QRM system and conduct comprehensive quality and risk assessments and improvement activities, both internally and externally. We have established a QRM Committee with management as members to assess quality and risks, monitor and review countermeasures, desirable situations, and plans, evaluate quality, control risks, and make improvements.
  • We ensure the safety of the people who make up the organization and the preservation of the organization’s management resources, and in the event of an emergency, we will take immediate action to minimize the damage to all concerned and to restore the organization as soon as possible.

※SLQDC: Safety &Security,Law,Quality,Delivery ,Cost
※QRM:Quality Risk Management


Established April 1, 2018
Revised April 1, 2023
TMJ, Inc.
President and CEO Hideki Maruyama