Information Security Basic Policy

TMJ Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) will continue to improve the operations entrusted by client companies with a scientific and engineering approach, and contribute to the achievements of the client companies’ business goals with outstanding expertise.

We recognize that maintaining information and information systems security (hereinafter referred to as information assets) necessary for achieving our business goals is the most important management issue related to the existence of our company. As a member of the Secom Group, we will conduct good business management, aiming to fulfill corporate value improvements and achieve continuous and stable management through our established information security targets under our management philosophy, and the steady implementation of information security management measures to provide our clients with a sense of security and trust.

The Company recognizes the importance of information security for all employees, and defines the basic policy for protecting information assets as follows:

  1.  In order to protect information related to business activities, we establish and implement appropriate control measures from the standpoint of confidentiality, integrity and availability. Client companies’ and our know-how’s confidential information, employees and end users’ personal information, and such are regarded as particularly important information to ensure security.
  2. We comply with information security and privacy protection laws and regulations and other norms, and adopt international norms in information security management in relation to our business developments in foreign countries. In addition to ensuring information security, we have established information security regulations related to business, legal and regulatory requirements, information security obligations under contracts, and penalties for violations.
  3. The Company handles information only when a qualified person deemed it necessary, and operates strictly in accordance with this principle.
  4. The environment for information security is constantly changing. We will continuously improve information security management to cope with these changes. Also, understanding that neglecting vulnerabilities increases information protection risks, we will always work to address new vulnerabilities.
  5. Recognizing that in-depth understanding and participation of all the members of the organization are essential for information security management, we will continuously implement effective educational activities such as providing appropriate training for all employees, as well as raising awareness and clarifying what they have learned.


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October 29, 2003 Enactment
Revised April 1, 2018

TMJ Corporation
President and CEO Hideki Maruyama